I tried my best to understand why
and tried my best and thought it through
Honey, there's no good reason
why you say that we're through
now that you've left me, I don't know what
I'll do I'm just too blue to cry.

Clouds have covered that golden moon
And it's started to rain outside
I can't sleep on this same bed
where you and I made love for so many nights
My pillow's too wet from all those teardrops and
I can't close these weary eyes
Ah, no sleep for me tonight, baby 'cause I just too blue to cry.

You told me that I'll get over you
That I'll find someone else in due time
That their love will be better for me but
it's something my heart won't buy and
No teardrops can fall from these eyes you see
Because I'm too blue to cry.

I can't get you off of my mind
Your fragrance is in every room in this place
I'll leave here in the morning I'm gonna have to move to a
different state
I know I've just got to get over this but
It's a easy thing for me to say but
doing it is just another thing oh but I'm gonna try.

So I'll pack my things and get ready
To leave here when that sun comes up
Never look back in that rear view mirror
I'll just keep driving that old rusty truck
Right now I'm hurting all over but too blue to cry
Yes, I wish those teardrops would come again
but I'm too blue to cry Umm to blue to cry.

Jerry Morris©
























Music: "Too Blue To Cry"

Original Lyrics and Music By Jerry Morris©
Composed and Performed By:: Jerry Morris
©Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
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