I feel . . . I am so all alone now
Just me and You together, God
I canít understand or comprehend it
But I know Youíre my Comforting Rod

Why this happened, I donít see a reason
Perhaps, Youíre simply conducting a test
But why now. . . .In my Winter season
When I only want to enjoy life, and rest

So separated, from all my loved ones
I lean on You. . . Night and day
Trials and troubles come, by the tons
I pray You clear my path, and make a way

Make a way for my understanding
The things You allow me to go through
Iím afraid of falling, and a crash landing
Oh Lord, how I lean upon . . . You

Yet, maybe thatís the answer Iím seeking
Iím learning, I must trust You, alone
For You watch over my safe keeping
As I ponder over my life . . . And atone

You have a purpose for everything
Iíve read of Job and his sad situation
After my testing . . .praises , I will sing
As Iím filled, with sweet celebration

So, as I travel through this rough place
I reach out for Your hand, to feel secure
Yes, Iím alone, but I can see Your face
And I know that You are able to restore

Your ways, I know are not our ways
And I have Held fast for so very long
I pray Youíll soon bring joy, to my days
As I praise and bless You. . . In song

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2007


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Music: "The Long And Winding Road"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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