There is a lady on a hill,
She craves those forbidden pills,
As the baby lay quiet still,
Heís fearful of those little pills.

Ah, the world has turned to stone,
Her sanity has come and gone,
Leaving her so all alone,
A baby lies still and prone.

An evil smile across her face,
Rushing at a frantic race,
To fill a need she canít erase,
But the baby can't keep pace.

Come now! Bring her more,
She waits eagerly by the door,
Like a drowning man finds shore,
Baby's fear he can't ignore.

Evil laugh, money in palm,
Seeking a psychotic calm,
Little pills a much loved balm,
Baby retreats from his mom.

The bell rings at the door,
Her wait is over once more,
Serenity will wash ashore,
Baby's dread begins to soar.

Momís happy, laughs with glee,
From reality she is free,
Habit fed is calm to be,
Baby needs invisibility.

There is a high upon the hill,
Once more she's had her fill,
She's reaping a happy thrill,
Sweet baby lies so still.

There is neither night nor day,
Pills show their horrid way,
Little one begins to say,
Baby's hungry now for days.

No! Do not utter one more word,
Reason's now so awfully blurred,
Hunger should not have occurred,
Baby has her anger spurred.

Reaching out to quiet the cry,
No sense in her brutal reply,
She lifts the baby way up high,
And to the floor she lets him fly.

Now her brain is in a rush,
The pitiful cries come to a hush,
Her face now a deep red flush,
The noise she just had to crush.

All is quiet throughout the day,
Mind demons come to play,
Many things they do and say,
Motionless the baby lay.

After the high comes a down,
Again the face takes on a frown,
She feels as though she will drown,
She phones the man that lives in town.

There is a lady on a hill,
She craves those forbidden pills,
The baby lay forever still,
The end result of those little pills.

Gayle Davis©
23 July 2007
Written by request
God help those with an addiction















Music: "Dance Of Tears"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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