Tomorrow has no promise
'nor written guarantee
with destiny uncertain
of what will be, will be

Grasp each precious moment
'n never let them go
cling tight to ev'ry memory
enwrap them 'round your soul

Hold the hand of loved ones
express your inner thoughts
give a smile, soft whisper
for 'morrow may be naught

Don't waste a single second
or let them slip away
tomorrow waits for no-one
the time is now, today

Our days on earth are borrowed
we have but just a few
live for the given moment
today's His gift, to you

Reach for that dream, desire
'fore they fall astray
embrace life to the fullest
take time to laugh 'n play

Tomorrow has no promise
'n what will be, will be
second chances given?
no written guarantee

Rose Marie Streeter
(all rights reserved)
September 23, 2007







Music: "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission