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Come along with me to a magical place,
A swing suspended from the ceiling of a porch,
Ideal place for one to gently sway back and forth
While dreaming of a loved one's face.

The porch swing is a perfect place to sit and glide
Gently with my lover by my side.
Perfect union of heart and soul between the two
As love caresses pass from me to you.
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We sit swinging in perfect harmony
While the children chase fireflies around the yard.
We smile with hearts full of love for each one
Happily watching each child having fun.

The porch swing is a perfect place to chat
With family leaning back in straight chairs
While the day's happenings everyone shares.
There is no sweeter fellowship than that.
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To cool my brow and bring my soul ease
I slip into the porch swing and enjoy a gentle breeze.
I sit there a while and gently sway
As peace quietly steals into my heart to stay.

Sitting in a swing during a storm
While thunder rolls and lightning splits the sky.
I talk with God, just He and I,
And He assures me I am safe from harm.
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Swaying along on a summer night
The night bird songs are sweet to hear.
The moon and evening star come into sight
Spreading golden light and I know my God is near.

The porch swing is special to me
For the memories it holds of wonderful times
Spent with loved ones or alone
Swaying in a rhythm of perfect harmony.
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ŠJane Ward Smith
February 28, 2004


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Music: "Happiness"

Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Copyright By: Jalal Ali
Used With Permission
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