Christ left His mark each place He’d been
He had that special touch
That One who changed souls from within
Could do so very much

He turned the water into wine
And caused the blind to see
With sinners He would often dine
And set the captives free

He fed the crowds with fish and bread
He made the lame to walk
He spoke the word and demons fled
This Shepherd of the flock

He stilled the storm and calmed the sea
Brought peace to those in strife
He showed His love abundantly
And brought the dead to life

He healed the lepers, most ignored
They all went on their way
But one returned to thank the Lord
For helping him that day

He also said that there would be
A time when He would die
But He would rise remarkably
To save and justify

He did those things just like He said
Each statement came to pass
He took our place and in our stead
He paid the debt with class

Those Fingerprints that touched the cross
Still touch our lives today
And in those times of gain or loss
Eternal things will stay

So ask the Lord to touch you now
As you begin your sprint
Your life and service He’ll endow
With His Blessed Fingerprint

© Jim Lake

Mark 7: 32-35
A deaf man with a speech impediment
was brought to him, and everyone begged Jesus to lay
His hands on the man and heal him.
Jesus led him away from the crowd and put His fingers
into the man’s ears, then spat and touched the man’s
tongue with the spittle. Then looking up to heaven,
He sighed and commanded, “Open!” Instantly the man
could hear perfectly and speak plainly!


Music: "How Beautiful"

Sequenced By:  Kevin Wiley
Used By Permission From

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