Image By Dark Blue Knight

We live in a world God made for us,
And He handed it over to man,
To live in peace and harmony,
And to do the best that we can.

But life is not an easy path sometimes,
And our sorrow gets too hard to bear,
It leaves you full of wonder,
If there’s anyone on earth that cares.

All around people are suffering,
And trying so hard to cope,
Some need a friend to tell them,
Cheer up my friend there’s hope.

There is a Man called Jesus Christ,
And He came to set you free,
And walk you through the storms,
And win the victory.

The storms of life will always come,
But there no reason to hide,
He died on the cross for you and me,
He promised He would be our Guide.

Just remember when you are hurting,
There is Someone that truly cares,
And He will stay beside you,
And help dry away the tears.

Ann Hart©
July 1st 2007





Music: "God On The Mountain"

Music© (Ton) Antheunisse
Performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission