Professing your love
Begging me to come back
Not on your life, Buddy
Our marriage jumped the track

The train of life
Was never smooth for us
I was your possession
That was so tough

I wasn't allowed friends
No one to confide in
I couldn't have an opinion
No way could I win

I wanted to be a partner
To someone who respected me
A husband with whom I was equal
Our divorce set me free

You were a Mama's boy
Siblings, the youngest of six
We lived there for two years
Any privacy did not exist

They went through my belongings
Way too many times
I felt so violated
There were so many crimes

Your father was a peeping Tom
From a hole in his bedroom wall
I couldn't take a bath, alone
There is so much more, I recall

I woke to find a hand on my leg
I am too frightened to open my eyes
When I do, I try to scream in fright
But my throat won't utter any cries

I call you at work, "Please, come home"
You're now angry with me
Not at your father, the creep
On many things we couldn't agree

You disliked my family
From them, you always hid
Away in your workshop
If they called me, God forbid

I was used as your object
This was very important to you
I needed someone to communicate with
It was impossible for me to be true

I hated how you made me feel
Sometimes less than human
Oh yes, you were basically generous
That allowed you to be, *The Man*

It's sad to say but our children
Were the ones that lost
In a divorce, they always are
The children lose, no matter the cost

Now it's too late, the damage is done
You told them, I was so bad
You never were at any fault
The way it all ended made me so sad.

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas©
June 19, 2007

Hear my plea, Dear God
Help us to repair the damage
That has been done to our children.
When there is a divorce
The children lose the most!
Please forgive us.




The background graphic in this set was used
with permission and is © Seaman's Wallpaper

Music: "Crying"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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