I wash my face in the morning dew,
And dance with the rising sun.
I run in place with the summer new,
Never quit until day is done.

I sing a song with the wind that blows,
Rush with the laughing creek.
And say a prayer over seeds I sow,
Watch the bees play hide and seek.

I rejoice in the summer moon so bright,
Try to catch each falling star.
Sing with the frogs and crickets each night,
Watch lightening bugs in Earth's Mason Jar.

I pray with peace that summer lasts,
I am filled with a wonderful awe.
Thinking of all the summers' past,
And how this one out shines them all.

Jane Ellen Slone
Revised 8/9/07

Music: "A Summer Place (Theme)"

Courtesy Of Midi Studio
Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission

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