I tried to count the number of leaves,
Upon an old oak tree,
The needles growing on a towering pine,
'Twas an impossibility.

You know the sum of the grains of sand,
Along the ocean's vast shore,
The number of hairs upon my head,
You know this and so much more.

I can't imagine all the stars,
Spread across the night sky,
When one grows old, weak and feeble,
And a young child must die.

You know why there are senseless wars,
Killings that we all abhor,
The reason for devastating floods,
You know this and so much more.

I'm awed by the community of ants,
Working together for the good of all,
And wonder why a person looks away,
Instead of helping when a neighbor falls.

You know the reason a heart will grow cold,
Love they completely ignore,
Why a mother will die to save her child,
You know this and so much more.

I don't understand the suffering of nations,
Under a barbaric rule,
How one can take the lives of innocent people,
And use fear as a tool.

You know how a sinner can turn away,
While Youíre knocking at their heart's door,
Why they don't seek the gift of Eternal Life,
You know this and so much more.

I pray for guidance to live my life,
Showing others the way,
To never hesitate to sing Your praise,
And in Your Presence stay.

You know when I falter and reach for You,
Forgiveness I implore,
Seeking to right a wrong that I have done,
You know this and so much more.

Iím amazed at the Will of my Lord,
As He lay down His life for me,
How can I be worthy of such Love,
Shown upon that hill at Calvary.

You know when I bow on bended knee,
I'll love You forevermore,
I am a child of the King of Kings,
You know this and so much more.

Gayle Davis©
15 July 2007




























Music: "Tuyo Soy" (I Am Yours)

English & Spanish Words, Music, and Arr. by
Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1999 and MIDI sequence
(P) 1999 Lawrence Keith Holder
Used With Permission

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