We've often been told
we all store gold-
to recall any time we choose.
In our golden years
our memory cheers
with simple joys we don't lose.

As kidlets can't wait
to jump into skates-
or sled-when the snow appears.
To feel free and unfettered,
doesn't get better-
totally without fear.

We beg and we plead
for Mom to concede
for only just half an hour.
Mom does her frown-
face upside down--
"Half an hour, no more-I'm in power".

The icy cold meets us,
snowflakes will beat us-
the snow is piling up.
"We'll cut an eight-
then pull a freight-
then grab the sled and the pup".

Ice shards split the air--
our glee's beyond compare-
as our blades sing over the ice.
Mom yells from the door-
"Fifteen minutes-no more,
I don't want to tell you twice!"

We hit the shed,
pulled down the sled,
and grabbed the floppy eared pup.
We head for the hill-
(we're beginning to chill)
and the pup bailed out-running up.

The sled hit the ground-
and in turning around
fell backwards onto the sled,
that sled set sail
as if on a rail
running like a thoroughbred.

We kept sliding down,
right into town-
then we stopped!!
Against a tree.
Such howling-such laughter,
such a scolding right after--
such scurrying home-did we flee.

Oh-h the frozen noses-
the frost-bitten toeses-
and the frosty cheeks, apple red.
What a joy to share
in a clime so rare-
we were sure we had nothing to dread.

Addend--except trees and floppy eared pups

Betty C. Danielsİ
November 11/07



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Music: "Sleighride"
Easy Listening With The Duchess
Holiday Section
Courtesy Of The Duchess
Used With Permission


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