Remembering childhood days of yesteryear,
When families gathered with much cheer.
They came riding in sleighs over the snow,
With bells a ringing, and faces all aglow.

Boots and mittens were left in the hall,
Coats and scarves on hooks on the wall.
Into the parlor they would gather,
So glad to be inside out of the weather.

A roaring fire throwing heat to every corner,
The parlor had never been any warmer!
Hot chocolate simmering in a big ol' pot,
On the stove where it would stay hot.

Wonderful aromas wafting on the air,
Beautiful memories they would love to share.
When the big meal was eaten and put away,
Then came the very best part of the day!

They gathered round Granddad's big ol' chair,
His worn Bible laying on a table there.
The fire in the fireplace was a sweet sound,
With flames flickering and shadows dancing round.

As they watched the fire and sat on the floor,
They could hardly wait for the story they adored.
About the Baby Jesus and His sweet birth,
The wise men who brought the frankincense and myrrh.

A beautiful ending for Christmas each year,
As they grew up on the wild frontier.
Their thoughts about His birth as they went to sleep,
Would bring them dreams they'd remember, so sweet.

2005 November 28











Music: "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
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