Some of my fondest memories were,
Dinner around the table at the homestead,
The family all sat and ate together
Faithfully, a passage from the Bible was read.

Each family member had a turn
Talking to God, awkward it may have seemed
Thatís how we learned about each other,
Our aspiration, trepidations, and the things we dreamed.

It was during our time of prayer
We learned Jimmy was having trouble with art.
We heard his pleas while talking to God
Asking him to help him and make him smart.

Susan was concerned about a pimple
That came about during the day,
She was so concerned Fred wouldnít like her,
She asked God to please take it away.

Mom prayed constantly for the safety, and health
Of all her family, friends and those in harm's way.
Many times she would have to stop and cry,
She would brush the tears back then continue to pray.

During the prayer time we learned Dad got a raise.
He seemed delighted, happy as could be,
He thanked God for touching the heart of his employer
He thought he brought it about you see.

The prayers continued on a daily basis
We didnít know there was any other way,
This is how we learned the needs of each other,
What to pray for them during our day.

I have learned there is honesty and sincerity in prayers
We tell God things we wouldnít tell our best friend
We need to hear our family talk to God about their needs
Then our prayers we could lend.

We wonder why families are distant
Why they donít seem to care,
Could it be they donít know about each other?
They didnít learn how or when to share.

Letís bring the family back to the table
Letís hold our hands in prayer,
Maybe we could all unite again.
Iím sure God would meet us there.

Shirley J Oremland











Music: "One Day At A Time"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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