As we travel on this road of life,
We will stumble many times,
As we journey towards heaven,
Many mountains we will climb,

Sometimes the storms of life are heavy,
And itís then you lose your way,
And in the midst of all the heartaches,
You find it hard to pray.

You feel that no one cares for you,
And you feel so all alone,
While you fight the growing battle,
That grips your heart like stone.

Itís then you hear a gentle whisper,
Telling you please do not fear,
For I am walking right beside you,
And telling you, I truly care.

I feel this heartache that you suffer,
I see every teardrop that you cry,
And someday you will understand,
And know the reasons why.

This journey to heaven is almost over,
Keep your faith and hold on strong.
For I promise I wonít leave you,
And my coming wonít be long.

Ann Hart©