Daddy's Little Girl

 I was browsing through the bookcase
In search of a book to read,
When I happened upon an album
That caught my eyes, yes, interesting in deed.

I began to turn the pages
I watched my life unfurl,
Here was a lifetime of memories
Of my Mother's baby girl.

Here I am, a newborn, sleeping
All dressed in pink and white,
With a baby cap to match
That appears a bit too tight.

As I turned the pages
Mom was rocking me in her chair,
She looked so contented
I see the love in her face so fair.

Here's a close up of my face
I was crying, I had such a frown,
Mom was pointing toward my knee
It appears I had fallen down.

Next a picture by the school bus door
I was wearing such a silly dress,
I can't believe Mom let me wear it
That was the style back then I guess.

Ah, yes, here we are
Headed for the prom,
I was all gussied up
So was my date, blushing Tom.

This is Mother, and I on my wedding day.
She is standing close beside me
With that look in her eyes,
I know she was choking back tears
Trying ever so hard not to cry.

I'm so glad I happened upon the album
I can see Mom's love shining bright as can be,
My heart swelled with love and pride for her
As I looked at the pictures taken of me.

Shirley J. Oremland



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Music: "Little Things Mean A Lot"

Sequenced By Gloria Canfiield
Used With Permission

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