I was taught to honor my parents.
I was taught right from wrong.
I was taught to meet curfews,
The time expected to be home.

I was taught to respect my elders,
To respect the American way.
I pledge allegiance to our flag,
To pray for her each day.

I will pledge allegiance to the flag,
I’ll pray where ever I please.
For God has given me that right,
To be what I want to be.

I want to be a Christian,
For truly in “God I trust”.
If we’re ashamed of God,
He’ll be ashamed of us.

So as we follow man made laws,
When we know they’re not God’s will,
We must stand together,
And pray for ungodly things to heal.

Faye Reyenga © 9 / 3 / 2007



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Music "Star Bangled Banner/America, The Beautiful Medley "

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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