Tumbling, falling and spiraling down,
Into what seemed a dark abyss,
I couldn't let this break-up,
End all of my bliss.

Everything started out great,
Things couldn't be more fine.
I had everything that I would want,
For once the world seemed mine.

Then somewhere along the line,
I can't remember where,
That special life that I had,
Was no longer there.

My heart had just been torn in half,
It seemed beyond repair.
The warmth and love that I had,
I could no longer share.

So many treasured memories,
Are not so easy to erase.
The thought of losing all of these,
I found so hard to face.

The only way to get through this,
Was to rely on God and pray.
And know that "He" has special plans,
For me each and every day.

They say that "time heals all wounds,"
So spend lots of time with God.
Give Him thanks and glory,
And pray to God aloud.

If we live our lives as Christians,
And have faith and hope and love,
We won't need to hurt or worry,
Because God's love fits like a glove.

Remember, always put God first,
In everything you do.
If you "really" keep God first,
He will always get you through.

©Rebecca Rence Starck
August 2007



Music: "I Can See Clearly Now"

Used By Permission From

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