My loved one has left he has gone home
To live with Jesus, for ever more,
His angel Mom saw his suffering,
And God sent her to bring him home.

Oh how I miss him Oh so much
For he did mean the world to me,
The days are long and nights so drear
My home is empty without him near.

Through all the years he has been
My faithful and most loyal friend,
He has suffered much, God knew his pain
Living with Jesus, he will never suffer again.

God's pearly gates swing open wide
My loved one is entering, what praising inside
Oh what love and beauty he beholds,
Strolling now through the streets of gold!

He is having a wonderful time in Heaven
Away from... all hurt suffering and pain,
He is walking now on streets of gold
No more suffering and never grow old.

He is singing with all the angels
Praising and worshiping his Lord he loved,
Sitting by the ever flowing Jordan River,
Telling his Mom and Dad about God's love.

He is now enjoying his mansion on high
Sharing all that he suffered on earth,
Saying, my children, if you could see me now,
Sitting around God's Throne, I humbly bow.

©Bernice Ward 2004












Music: "Tears Will Never Stain"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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