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Ellen thought she heard footsteps in the hall,
And she was just about to call,
"Is everything all right Jim, dear?"
Then tears filled her eyes,
As she began to realize,
Jim had been gone for exactly a year.

Life for the couple had been sweet!
Yes, they had faced some heartache and defeat.
But, they had never faced anything alone!
God had kept them together,
Through sunny and stormy weather.
However, now Ellen must face life on her own!

As she lay there in the big king-sized bed,
Sweet memories filled her head,
Of how wonderful things used to be.
They were married in the Church on the hill,
And in memory still,
Jim's handsome face she could see.

They were so happy, Ellen and Jim!
He loved her and she loved him.
They were certainly a perfectly matched pair!
And after years together they would find,
They could look into each other's mind,
And easily read what was written there!

In memory, Ellen went back to the day,
When Jim seemed to search for words to say,
He had just returned,
From his doctor's appointment in town.
Jim said, "Ellen, I just saw Doctor Hughes."
"I'm afraid I have bad news."
"Honey, maybe you'd better sit down."

Jim continued, "Ellen dear,"
"Doc said at the most I only have a year."
"He said the cancer has spread."
Ellen could hardly believe her ears.
She couldn't hold back the tears.
For this had been their constant dread.

My the time went by so fast.
Soon the year had almost passed.
But, Jim and Ellen lived one day at a time.
In the final days of his life,
For Jim and Ellen, his wife,
Each day was an uphill climb.

Ah, but God gave them the grace,
And the strength to face,
The heartbreak of having to say goodbye.
And Ellen knows within her heart,
That though they had to part,
She will see Jim again by and by!

Ah, somewhere inside Heaven's Pearly Gates,
Jim patiently awaits,
The arrival of Ellen, his wife.
Soon her hand he will hold!
They will walk down streets of gold,
And together they'll enjoy eternal life!

Robert F. Dotson 2007



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Music: "God, A Woman, and A Man"

Earnest And Roline Ministries
Performed By: - Cat Hands
Used With Permission