There's a log home in the woods
Warm and cozy in the winter
Smoke billowing from the chimney
With Jesus' picture above the altar

God comes first with this family
Living in the woods is dangerous
They know God will keep them safe
Their feelings for Him are affectionate

Pa hunts for the family food
From animals God has provided
Bear, muskrat and mink in traps
This family is totally guided

Mom churns and bakes weekly
She irons, mends, washes and cleans
But she never tires of her chores
She reads her Bible as the family convenes

All the furniture is handmade
All the toys are as well
They are polished to a shine
Such a lovely home in which to dwell

Papa plays the fiddle nightly
Everyone chimes in with a merry song
Hymns of Praise ring the rafters
Their faith in God is very strong

Once a year there is a barn dance
Where people come from miles around
To praise and thank God for their harvest
Merriment and happiness abound

Jack frost has come on the windows
It is good entertainment for all
The children breathe on the frost
Just to watch the frost melt and crawl

Christmas is coming and the snow is deep
Large icicles hang from the log eaves
White frost has frozen Pa's mustache
As he looks for the perfect Christmas tree

The manger is up, all set in place
The wind is howling past the windows
But this precious family is safe
It lives by God's commandments and vows

Delilah M. Dede Haasİ
August 2007

Music: "When Love Is Found"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission

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