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When I was a little girl,
Rebellious as could be,
Many times I met my fate,
Under an ole Peachtree.

Always aggravating someone,
Could not leave good enough alone,
It seems I was drawn to mischievousness,
In the midst of trouble is where I shone.

My saving grace was lack of time,
Kept most of my trouble at bay,
Busy doing everyday chores,
My little rebel was stowed away.

Not too much time for playing games,
Busy from early morn 'till night,
Milking cows and slopping the pigs,
Each job had to be done just right.

Bending down to pick the cotton,
Pulling weeds in the peanut field,
Hoeing sandspurs along the rows,
Fertilizing the crops for a better yield.

Sometimes we would get a break,
From all the back breaking chores,
Picking green peanuts for a boiling,
Would make a child's spirit soar.

Skipping rope and dumb bull swinging,
Spinning tops and swimming in the creek,
Catching spiders and bull frogs,
All on a Saturday; cherished end of the week.

Sunday was Church time again,
We often walked along dusty roads,
Mother trying to keep us clean and neat,
Must have been a burdensome load.

Kneeling at the pew during prayer,
I often heard Mother pray,
Asking God for guidance,
As she traveled along life's way.

I was such an active child,
Bringing exasperation to all near,
I guess she was praying for patience,
In rearing a child that knew no fear.

Mother had to tire of my actions,
Yet she loved me just the same,
Taught me right from wrong each day,
Her prayers were not said in vain.

Mother looks down upon me,
In the heavens she awaits,
I'll see you one day Mother,
Just inside those Pearly Gates.

Gayle Davisİ
17 August 2007



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Music: "Just For Today"

Words And Musicİ (Ton) Antheunisse
Original composition and performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisseİ
Used With Permission