She sat in dark seclusion
Smith and Wesson by her side
feeling alone and hopeless
breathing a heavy sigh

Kept company with Jack Daniels
staggered each day, 'fore noon
gave all her love for nothing
heart now tattered and bruised

She lives a life of denial
her heart has turned to stone
has no understanding
as to why he left her, cold

Small fingers traced the holster
as tears formed in her eyes
broken dreams and promises
betrayed with hateful lies

Remembering how he held her
the magical nights of bliss
feeling his warmth, his body
still tasting that final kiss

No explanation given
it's over, t'was all he said
darkness, confusion hovered
wishing her pain would end

Reflections in the mirror
revealed a broken heart
tears and mixed emotion
were tearing her apart

Playing their favorite music
dreams shattered at her feet
clinging tight to his mem'ry
mockery, danced with defeat

The minute hand stood idle
moon met with early sun
stuck in the moment, forever
knowing what had to be done

Poured another whiskey
took revolver from her side
one last gulp with a snicker
'fore bidding the world goodbye

Rose Marie Streeter
(all rights reserved)







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Music: "Time In A Bottle"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission