Keep life real some how
By living in the here and now

The past will teach a lesson
If you learn from it keeping the good
And discarding the bad.

Though pain and sorrow may fill your day
Keep life real not wishing it away.

The future will be perfect if you could just see
But it is not yours so just let it be.

Today is a gift from above
So fill it with happiness and love
Keeping it real
With joy you feel.

Live your life not as in a dream
But keep it real
Which is easier than it may seem.

Life may seem fleeting
Passing swiftly by
Gone in the twinkling of an eye
So use time for important matters
And waste not a second in trivial chatter.

Seek to follow the path chosen for you
Even before you were born
Keeping life real so the work you do
Will stand unblemished and pure
As the day you were born.

By learning from yesterday
And living for today
With hope for tomorrow
Your life will be real and true...
The blessed life God planned for you.

Jane Ward Smith
October 6, 2007











Music: "Visions"

Used With Permission
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