Sitting alone in the evening in the old porch chair
I watch the sun as it is setting in the western sky,
Silently darkness is falling across the earth
The shadows of evening are swiftly drawing nigh.

I ponder and think about things that could have been,
Things that are bound to happen, things in store,
I wonder how many babies will be born tonight and
The soldiers who would love to walk through their door.

I think about the time I have wasted
How the many years have come and gone
I think about the losses, the tears that have been shed
I think about the widows who are left all alone.

I think about those who live with pain.
Those shut in and can't get about to go anywhere.
I think about the senior citizen sitting all alone
Wishing for someone to show they care.

My heard bleeds for them so much I want to cry
I feel so helpless. I pray, Oh God,  "what can I do"?
Then a voice whispers to me. You are not alone
Neither are they. I can bring comfort to all of you.

It started out to be an evening of doom and gloom
It was turned around when I became aware,
I have a Savior who works miracles and loves us all.
Alone I can't do much. But there is power in prayer.
I can pray

Shirley J. Oremland








Music: "The Love Of God"

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Copyright 1999 by Larry Holder and Elton Smith
Used With Permission By Songs of Praise

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