Hello my dearest how I miss you,
I will find no peace until,
You're with me again and safely home,
My husband I love you still.

You always did fancy my speaking,
The way I say things to you,
It's just how I feel and all because,
I so long to see you too.

I can barely stand the wondering,
If you're all right and have food,
I miss cooking meals for you with all,
The fun of being pursued.

You know what I mean I love you so,
You need to be home with me,
Then I can hold and have you always,
The way we use to be.

Each day I look to see you walking,
Down the lane to me to hold,
How my heart trembles thinking of you,
At war that you'll come home old.

You just come home to me my husband,
I'll look in your eyes and cry,
It's been too long without you here now,
Oh how I'll thank God on High.

You'll see my dearest when you get back,
We'll begin our lives again,
Everything will be new like before,
Just us in love and no pain.

How I think of you being at home,
Seeing you come through that door,
I'll be hugging and kissing you so,
Just missing you ever more.

I wish there had never been a war,
I long to see you, take care,
Oh do try and take care of yourself,
I love you with all I dare...

©Sondra McPherson
23 July 2007


Music: "Shenandoah"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission