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Did you ever think about the music God plays for us?
Not the music of harps, or violins, although He sends them, too.
But I'm talking about music without instruments.
Like a child's laughter.

Doesn't a child's laugh make us smile?
Well, it should!
Like the purring of a cat as we pet it.
That's a cats' music, given by God.

The music of a bubbling stream, as it dances over the rocks.
That's wonderful music on a hot, summer day!
The cry of a whippoorwill,
Or the croak of a frog, a blue jays' hoarse calls.

God gave them all their songs.
And what about that rooster that wakes us before we want to be awakened?
What about the music of a telephone and hearing a loved ones' voice on the other end?
Sweet, sweet music!

Warm spring nights with peepers calling.
Hot summer nights with owls hooting.
Breezy fall nights with crickets and katydids singing.
And, oh! The music of winter!

The silent music of snow coming down,
The clear stars overhead, so bright they seem to dazzle the eye.
The sharp music of a winter day.
Chopping wood.
Breaking ice.

Cattle munching hay in a drafty barn.
The music at church on Sundays that seems especially lovely in May.
The music of a hoe as it rings on a rock as one chops weeds.

The music of rain.
Ah, rain!
On a hot summer night, drenching thirsty crops,
Forcing windows to be closed,
Rain hammering to come in.

It's music as it pelts a tin roof.
It's loud music warning us of how close the storm is.
The music of a clock ticking in a quiet room, making one feel secure.

Not just harps or violins, but in everything!
In the cities, or the country, night or day.
God's music is everywhere around us.

Are you listening to it?

Jane Ellen SloneŠ
10/9/77 Revised 10/3/07




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