All my life I have heard of Guardian Angels from above .
Who watch over and protect us with love.
I have never known those whimsical beings with saints names.
Be it Michael, Rafael, Gabriel or even James.

However somewhere between fantasy and reality as a whole,
The Lord put His thumbprint on my mind, heart and soul.
He gave me a splendid tool to use,
How in heaven's name could I refuse.

A very special part of my formation.
Is my angel whom I shall call Imagination.
When things get really tough and hard to bear.
I reach down deep to find the answer there.

A little armoire tucked away in my mind,
With all the words and phrases I may need to find.
What a truly marvelous gift the Lord presented me.
So, that I could express my every need.

If I am sad and blue, don't know what to do.
I conjure up a happy thought or two.
Then I thank my Imagination!
If the weather is hot and sticky-feel icky.

I think of showers- Now that's pretty tricky.
Then I thank my Imagination!
If I am lost, lonely or downright afraid.
My angel reminds me that my debt is prepaid.

Again I thank my Imagination!
I look to the heavens and say a prayer.
For I know my Jesus is always there .
And I really say thank You Lord !
For Imagination is really a great award.

Carol ( Cali) Oliverę


Music: "Imagination"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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