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The evening light is fading
But your light Lord guides me to
Slumber. Let me drift into
Peace with your angels
Loving care.

How the stars shine to lighten
My heart as I pray for those
That I love and those
Without anyone's love
To share.

To drift into dreams and fly
With the stars and worlds
Of the universe. Just a passing
Fancy where in reality
I wouldn't even dare.

When the light of day dawns
To wake by your grace
Sweet Lord. Lighten my mind
So that I do not stumble from
Your ever loving care.

In each step I take through
Struggles hour by hour,
Day by day. You walk with me
O God, Of this blessing
I am aware.

Joyce Gale 2007

Graphics designed by Leona1999
Main image is a courtesy of stock.xchng

Music: "I Want To Praise You, Lord"

Used With Permission

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