Every once and awhile do you dream,
A little of us back when,
All the preciousness of love we had,
For one another did begin?

When you are alone do you ever,
Remember me and my kiss,
Do you ever long to hold me close,
Knowing I am who you miss?

You were my only you many years,
Yet your final decision,
I still will never see in my heart,
Was it truly soul vision?

There are days when I remember you,
Wondering what your life is,
Are you happy and content ever,
Remembering my love lives?

I've wondered if your thoughts are the same,
As mine wanting to be close,
To me as much as I'm wishing you,
Here as I dream and suppose?

I pray the years have been kind to you,
In most every way these days,
As for love do you too dream of me,
Like I have you for always?

And do you see clearly to the eyes,
Of my soul as you should,
Within the depths of my heart my love,
That I've loved you all I could?

Do you ever my love dream of me,
Thirsting so much you can taste,
My kiss upon your lips once again,
Wish you hadn't left in haste?

Tell me if you have imagined us,
Dreaming we were together,
In my wildest dreams it will be as,
I've loved you like no other.

©Sondra McPherson
12 August 2007




Music: "Dream Of Me"

Sequenced By: Michael W. Smith
Used By Permission From


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