A lonely moon kissed by the sky
as rain began to fall
broken hearted rainbows
all colors faded now

High atop the mountain
were secrets in the wind
shadows stalked her being
tall maples wore a grin

A raspy sound echoed near
leaves danced around her feet
trees stood tall with arms outstretched
along the babbling creek

For many years she loved this place
the trees, the grass and fern
'n always loved the wildlife
birds humming nature's tune

But now she felt a loneliness
hung o're her head like clouds
'n so like weeping willow
she let the tearsdrops fall

Reflections 'pon the water
appeared like looking glass
brushed along it's edges
came mem'ries from her past

So many times they sat here
their whispers 'pon a breeze
'neath the falls lay promises
of broken hopes 'n dreams

Along the path of sorrow
their footprints in the sand
thinking back, remem'bring
walking, hand in hand

Her eyes had lost the sparkle
were empty like her heart
life had no more purpose
light had turned to dark

Hands of time kept ticking
each moment much too long
so many broken pieces
no way of moving on

Her lover of a past tense
stole each and ev'ry dream
destroyed self worth, her beauty
poor soul has died, it seems

Like roses lose their luster
when frozen in the snow
she's desperate for renewal
yet, vacant is sun's glow

© Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)



Photograph ©Until Then Graphics
Photo taken in Hawaii.

Music: "Once Upon A Time"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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