Country life is a changing scene...
Fresh and cool in the spring
Making you feel calm and serene.
Hot and golden in the summer sun
Perfect for excitement and fun
And the vibrancy of fall
Full of color and excitement for all.
Then winter comes and icy winds blow
Bringing the pristine beauty of new fallen snow.

The vibrations of country living
Fit the mood you feel
With every need giving
All that is required to know
Everything is good and real.

Peace and quiet can be found
On a quiet walk in a wooded glen
With the beauty of nature all around
Surrounding you with the feeling
In the presence of the Creator you have been.

As the sun sinks beyond the horizon
Nodding at the moon to spread its soft glow
And stars to stud the heavens with diamond sparkles.
A feeling of peace born on the gentle breeze
Cools the fevered brow and calms the troubled heart...
Time for rest.

Country days are filled with work
That one must never shirk
In tending the crop
Nor feeding of the stock.
What a joy to know
Your hands are needed
And you are in control.

Variety is found in country vibrations
Which change with the season
And the ebb and flow of the tide
According to God's purpose and reason.
Freedom to plan your time
Makes country living sublime.

Jane Ward Smithİ
March 7, 2006

Music: "Morning Light"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Sequenced By:  David Lanz
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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