If I was still a boy,
I could thoroughly enjoy,
This beautiful afternoon,
When a tiny songbird,
Can be clearly heard,
Whistling his merry tune!

Yes, on this gorgeous day,
I could go out and play,
In the clover knee high,
Or just lie still,
On the crest of a hill,
And gaze at God's clear blue sky!

With my trusty dog by my side,
From the world I would hide,
Near an old abandoned sawmill!
Then, when night time came along,
I would treasure the song,
Of a lonesome whippoorwill!

Far away from trucks and cars,
I could sleep beneath the stars,
Like my ancestors in olden days!
Ah, but I know quite well,
It might take me a spell,
To drop these city ways!

Robert F. Dotson 2007


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Music: "Flip, Flop and Fly"

Sequenced By Will Campbell
Used With Permission