The man lived all alone now
except for his dog, Boo.
Way up in the snowy woods
It was cold there, Oh, so true.

It had been his life long dream
for he and his cherished wife.
After he was to be retired
This was to be their new life.

But his wife became sick
soon after he retired.
And just a short time later
His lovely wife had expired.
The man went on grieving
for many a year.
He'd almost lost his will to live
Then he decided, he'd cried enough tears.

There was an ad in the newspaper
It said *Cabin For Sale*,
Way out in the woods.
His dream would not fail.

His wife's favorite holiday
was Christmas, for sure.
She always sang Christmas carols
while stroking Boo's fur.
This was a real Christian family
One who believed in Christmas.
Jesus, the real reason for this season
They would never let pass.

After purchasing the cabin
It was time to decorate.
This had always been the wife's job.
But now it was to be his fate.

As Boo lay sleeping by the fireplace
so quietly on the big round rug,
The man set out to work
warming the cabin all toasty and snug.
Then he put up a beautiful large tree
and decorated it just right.
In the memory of his beloved wife
This was going to be all right.

It was a manly looking cabin
even with all the candles and lights.
And when he was all finished,
Oh, my, what a beautiful sight.

The fireplace flames danced and flickered
The flames all aglow.
His memories consuming him,
Oh, how they did flow. God had been good to him.
Had given him a special wife.
Together they worshipped God
For His life and sacrifice.

They both knew when the
end of time came.
When God looked in *The Book of Life*
He would find their names.

So the man goes on living in his
little cabin in the woods.
Enjoying his many memories.
Oh, his God has been so good.

His dream had come true
even though his wife was gone.
He is not alone.
He still has nature and his God.

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas



Music "Silent Night"

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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