'Shut your mouth, speak not a word'
'and don't pretend to cry'
a battered child so innocent
bruised with blackened eye

Clothing torn and dirty
homeless and distraught
unnoticed on street corners
clutching empty pots

Much to drink behind the wheel
death reaching for the clouds
shattered glass and bodies
'neath blanket 'pon cold ground

Pleading for his mercy
a fist against her jaw
self esteem is shattered
still bloody are the scars

Unheard cries in darkness
while Mother is asleep
'do as I say, keep quiet'
poor child afraid to peep

Shot up veins, bad candy
poor choices caused her death
parent's grieve, and wonder
had they done their best

A world of lies, deception
murder, rape and greed
kidnappings, lust in alleys
corruption floods the streets

We have freedom of decisions
and power to make change
right or wrong the outcome
have only self to blame

Lend a hand, a shoulder
listen, comprehend
look around, take notice
be that gentle friend

Stop for just one moment
reflect within a pause
reach out with love, compassion
seek to find a cause

Deep within your being
in the very heart of you
are answers to all questions
to self the heart is true

Love thy neighbor as thyself
reach out to broken 'n poor
feel their pain and realize
they've somehow lost their soul

Not one of us is flawless
'n each will make mistakes
a lesson learned if open
to acknowledge and embrace

The choices we make are vital
so stop to think things through
we leave a mark, impression
in everything we do...

It's not how long you live
but what your morals say
so will you be remembered
as rainbows, clouds of gray?

When your days are over
what will you leave behind?
warm 'n loving heart prints
to lives you touched through time

We've all a path to follow
so pick one at your will
join forces of the evil
or let His light instill...

Your hands and tongue a weapon?
or comfort for those lost?
decide which path you'll follow
and what will be the cost...

What you do, or don't do
the choice is yours to make
please make those choices wisely
for there is much at stake...

2007 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)


Music: "Come Lord"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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