You can feel the excitement mounting from the very first song,
For we expect a visitation of the Holy Ghost before long!
Our problems from the day suddenly grow strangely dim,
As we gather in God's house to worship Him!

Though not many of us are "blood kin,"
Through Christ's blood we are born again!
It is only through God's amazing grace,
That we of like faith can gather in one place!

Friend, in the course of only a few days,
God will perform in His miraculous ways!
The mighty power of God will be revealed,
As folks are saved and sick bodies are healed!

Ah, we shall be abundantly blessed and blessed again,
We Holiness folk call it "gettin' in!"
As we become like minded, the old with the young,
We might dance in the Spirit and speak in tongues!

It's a time of refreshing and spiritual rest,
For the love of God flows from breast to breast!
We have met once again with old friends,
And before we hardly know it the meetin' ends!

What a hallelujah time we have all had,
Each son and daughter, and mom and dad!
We find that the memories linger yet!
It's a religious experience we won't forget!
So, once more as we wipe away each tear,
We make plans to attend again next year!

Robert F. Dotson 2007




Music: "Saints Will Rise"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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