Image By Dark Blue Knight

Brother J.D. is a friend of mine.
His smile is like a ray of sunshine!
Our special friendship I pray will never end.
When we greet in our familiar way,
"God bless my brother He will say."
Then, I realize I'm embracing a true friend!

At our Church, when the sermon is being preached,
And lost folks are being reached,
We often hear Brother J.D. cry.
As down his cheeks the big tears roll,
He'll say, "God, save that poor lost soul,"
"Give them another chance to pray before they die."

Brother J.D. is a fine singer and preacher too,
Who loves to help folks "pray through,"
When they respond to an altar call.
Quite often he'll go down Kentucky way,
To tell those folks what God has to say!
Each time he goes he gives his all.

Brother J.D. and Sister Opal his wife,
Have had some sorrow in this life.
At a young age, death took their daughter, Kay.
But, they have no bitterness in their soul,
As they press toward Heaven, their eternal goal,
Where they shall meet their darling daughter some glad day!

Ah, men like Brother J.D.,
Have been an inspiration to me!
So like them I too must hold the torch of Holiness high!
If in their footsteps I trod,
I soon shall join a loving God,
In that blessed home up in the sky!

Robert F. Dotson 2007



Music: "Old Time Religion"

Used With Permission