Have you experienced the feeling
Of a heart. . . Slowly breaking
Where there's no remedy nor dealing
To make stop, the constant aching . . .

Tears slide slowly, down each cheek
You feel numb, unaware of others around
You feel battered, broken down and meek
You try to speak, yet can't utter a sound

All seems so useless, No hope, no spark
So many dreams . . . Have come to naught
You're feeling lost, so in the dark
It was only happiness and love you sought

Yet, here you are. . .In a place, unkind
Where you feel you can't go on. . .
You stumble, you fall. . .As though blind
With your hope, dreams and happiness gone

I know you must feel so bitter, so sad
You want to scream and run. . .Far away
You feel that everything has gone bad
But tell me. . . Have you stopped, to pray

You see, God is aware of all that you do
He sees you, in your . . . Darkest hour
And if you call on Him, he'll see you through
He can turn things around. . .He has the power

So forget about anger, retaliation, or hate
Stop thinking about all, that's been broken
Knock on God's door. . . It's not ever too late
He'll invite you in, with words, gently spoken

For God, will mend the Broken Hearted
Working with each, until like spun Gold
Making whole, what He has started
With mercy and blessings. . .Untold

Copyright 2007 Judith Johnson Kypta


The painting is by Felix Friedrich Von Ende.

Music: "Good Morning Heartache"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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