Oh Lord, You are my strength,
You are my dependence,
My every waking hour,
I seek Your guidance.

Without You I am just the dust,
From whence You created me,
Your Breath brings life to my soul,
By Your Blood I am free.

You love me when I am lonely,
Close by my side through each day,
In the darkness You are my Refuge,
Your protection forever I pray.

Lord, hold me in Your Arms,
Keep me within Your sight,
Lead me upon life’s pathway,
Help me to do what is right.

Let me be a voice for You,
Telling of the blessing given,
Let the path I travel show,
By Your Love my life is driven.

Because of You I live,
Filled with Love Divine,
Cleansed by Your Blood,
My life, Lord is Thine.

Gayle Davis©
31 October 2007


Music: "Because He Lives"

Performed By: Bonita
Used With Permission

Art courtesy Morgan Weistling