Autumn Quilt

I love my new autumn quilt,
In colors pretty and bright,
Grandma's hands made with love,
Each stitch sewn just right.

She would sit and sew all year,
Carefully storing each quilt away,
Until a chill touched the evening air,
Then she put on a cherished display.

Each child and grandchild was gifted,
A treasure by her loving hands,
Feed sacks and dress scrap squares,
Encircled by a matching cloth band.

Grandma's quilts were used each year,
To chase away the bone chilling cold,
Prized as a source of night-time warmth,
Beneath we would happily enfold.

Grandpa always used a quilt,
To pack the pumpkins in a straw basket,
No bruises from the wagon ride,
On the way to the farmer's market.

Grandma would bristle at the thought,
Of her hard work holding a pumpkin,
Yet she would giggle with pride,
At the wink of her country bumpkin.

Grandpa could get by with 'most anything,
But grandma came down on him pretty hard,
The time she found one of her autumn quilts,
Draped from a basket; beneath pumpkins in the yard.

Grandpa quickly removed his prize produce,
Shook the quilt free of dead grass,
Folded it up really nice and neat,
With a kiss to grandma, the quilt did pass.

Beloved autumn quilts sewn with love,
Those sweet memories will always remain,
When the cold breezes start to blow,
I bring out my autumn quilt again.

Grandma will forever be sewing quilts,
Each stitch filled with her undying love,
As I cuddle underneath the latest gift,
My sleepy voice gives thanks thereof.

Gayle Davisİ
21 September 2006




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Music: "Rainbow Stew"

Of Various Styles
Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission


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