Many promises are made
And best plans laid
But they don't mean a thing
If we fail to recognize
That we must see through God's eyes
For He is ultimately the One in charge
Of all that is to be
Desiring only the best for you and me.

Rest upon the promises of the Lord
Who washes away all sorrow and discord
Leaving us with the sweetness
Of joy and happiness
And we need never fear
For He is always near
And if we submit to His Will
All His promises He will fulfill.

Promises are made by man
But you must understand
Their intentions may be real
With great love they feel
But humans have the thorn of the flesh
And prone to weakness of sin
That cause them to forget
When troubles beset
Making them let you down.

This promise I make to you
I will always be faithful and true
Wishing you all the best
Life has to give
All the days you live
And after this life is done
I will gather you to My breast
For eternal peaceful rest.
I am your Lord and My love for you will never end.
On this you can depend.

ŠJane Ward Smith
August 19, 2007

Music: "Emanuel"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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