God granted us four perfect children without a blemish.
He gave us a beautiful start and left us to finish.
We loved them all the very same and then.
The dear Lord wanted one back in Heaven.

The youngest son it seems was really needed,
And no matter how I pleaded
The Lord reached down and touched his soul.
He must have completed life's set goal.

I remember always his dazzling smile
He turned it on like magic - to beguile.
The impish way he teased
That look said "I am pleased."

He made friends where're he went
Almost like he was heaven sent.
Even in war time in a foreign land
He followed his Lord's command.

To reach out in love and peace
Before, during and when hostilities cease.
He became an ambassador of the Lord
According to His Holy Word.

He came home without a scratch,
But Life sent him another dispatch.
Leukemia raised its ugly head.
Leaving him with fear and dread.

Needless to say treatment was a futile drain,
Filled with excruciating pain.
To me, he did not complain.

Finally God heard our prayers.
Through a veil of tears and cares.
I felt the Divine Presence all that night.
He gently slipped away at morning's light.

I will always miss my son Todd,
But in my heart I know he rests with God.
It's been many years -I'm at ease --you see
For I know Jesus and my Son wait for me.

©Carol G Oliver


















Music: "He"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission

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