Can I earn a jewel today,
To go in my glorious crown,
Someday up in heaven,
Where I am homeward bound.

Will my Jesus smile at me,
And say my child well done,
Or will He sadly shake His head,
And say my child not one.

I want to be a witness down here,
While we live on earth below,
And share about my Savior,
And how He saved my soul.

The jewels are only treasures,
That you reap along the way,
I want my light to be shining,
Today and everyday.

I have no shiny riches or gold,
But I have something more,
I have Godís love within my heart,
And there it will always be stored.

And someday up in heaven,
When all this life is pass,
I then will claim my true reward,
When I get home at last.

Ann Hart
September 1, 2007















Music: "He'll Be There For You"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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