Image By Dark Blue Knight

Lord when You look upon me,
Am I pleasing in your sight,
Have the things I've done,
Shown You in a good light?

Am I walking a narrow path,
Showing faith in God's power,
Willing to give a helping hand,
In another's needful hour?

Is my heart filled with love,
Does compassion flow within,
Will my life reflect Your Purity,
As a soul cleansed from sin?

Am I worthy of Your love Lord,
Do I show my love for You,
Giving thanks for Your Blessings,
Show Your gentleness to others too?

Lord when You look upon me,
In my darkest hour of despair,
Can You see I keep the faith,
Know in my heart that You are there?

When You look upon this heart of mine,
As I lay in deep restful sleep,
Are You pleased to count me Lord,
As one of Your many faithful sheep?

Have I earned the right to say,
I love my Lord with all my heart,
Will You gather me in Your arms,
When to heaven I one day depart?

Can I stand before You sweet Jesus,
Knowing I did the best I could do,
Strived to bring a lost soul to the river,
Of living waters flowing from You?

When You look upon me Father,
Will I be able to pass the test,
Has my life's journey reserved,
A seat in Heaven's Haven of rest?

Gayle Davisİ
18 June 2007




Music: "Pleasing In Your Sight"

Written By: Ralph Merrifieldİ
Arranged by Michael L. Jester
Used With Permission