~ An Your With You~

Ken had never run away from home before,
And as he quietly closed the door,
Tears began to well up in his eyes!
He was nervous, of course,
And he felt some remorse,
Yet, he felt his leavin' would come as no surprise!

For there were so many things lately he didn't like,
And as he sped away on his bike,
He figured this would serve his parents right!
You see, their relationship had been strained of late,
And his heart was filled with hate,
As he rode off into the darkness of the night!

Ken's lifelong dream was to go to L. A.,
And find a place to stay!
The distance didn't seem to be too far!
The way he had it planned,
He would join a rock band!
Everybody knew "he could play a mean guitar!"

Suddenly, a blinding light,
Pierced the dark night,
And a guy in a car pulled up along side!
He said, "Kid, what do you say?"
"I'm goin' to L. A.!"
"It looks like you could use a ride!"

Ken's better judgment told him to say, "No!"
But he had a ways to go,
Before he would get to L. A.!
Besides, the driver looked respectable and neat,
So having put Ken's bike in the back seat,
Immediately they were on their way!

After they had traveled for awhile,
The man said with a smile,
"Tell me, how old are you, Son?'"
"Have you traveled very far?"
"Do your folks know where you are?"
"It looks like you might be on the run!"

Before Ken could answer there was a traffic stop,
And noticing a cop,
He slid down in his seat out of sight!
The policeman passed them by,
And Ken gave a sigh,
As he began to sit upright!

The man said, "Son,"
"Now I know you're on the run!"
"You need to give your folks a call to night!"
"Working with runaways is what I do,"
"And I deal with kids like you,"
"Who after living on the streets aren't a pretty sight."

"For, having turned to prostitution and dope,"
"Eventually they lose all hope,"
"And can no longer distinguish between wrong and right!"
Noticing the concern in the stranger's voice,
Ken quickly made a wise choice,
He said, "Yes, I want to call Mom and Dad!"

With the preacher's help Ken called that night,
And "made things right!"
Afterwards he felt so very glad!
With their hearts full of joy,
Ken's folks came to get their wandering boy,
And they laughed and cried all the way home.

Ah yes, Friend I hear tell,
The young boy learned his lesson well,
And he never again had the urge to roam!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007


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Music:  "Changing Times"

Composition, Arrangement And
Performance By: Kim Cafarella©
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission

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