~ An Hour With You~

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  So you want to be a preacher, Son!
You'd better think it o'er!
Remember you will be a servant for life,
That and nothing more!

You need to forget all of the glamour stories,
You have ever heard,
And have an enormous appetite for praying,
And reading God's Word.

You must be very certain,
You are not just hearing "Momma's call."
Have you "prayed through about it,"
And promised God your all?

Do you love God's children every one the same?
Can you "take the heat" if it be for Jesus' name?
Can you suffer persecution if it be for the Gospel's sake?
Will God have the final word in every decision you make?

Have you decided in your heart,
"Not my will but Thine be done?"
Will every part of your life be dedicated to God's Son?
Do you possess a Spirit that is humble and meek,
And yet have God's boldness when it is time to speak?

Are you seeking God's will while searching for a wife?
Remember, she must be someone who also lives a Holy life.
For, if she doesn't love God to the degree that you do,
She will not be a help but a hindrance to you!

Is being an evangelist somewhere in your plan ?
If so, you will have to be a very special man.
For you must swiftly and unselfishly leave your all,
And travel across the land in answer to God's call.

Do you aspire to be a pastor? It takes a rare breed!
You must live by faith and trust God for your every need!
Do you desire to be the under shepherd over God's sheep?
If so, there will be nights that you won't get much sleep.

You may have to get up in the morning at two or even three,
When some dear saint says, "Pastor, I need you to pray for me."
But, if there are no questions in your heart,
You have passed the test!

So, go forth into God's harvest,
And give to Him your best!

Robert F. Dotson 2007



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Music: "Pay Day"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission