~ An Hour With You~

Image By Dark Blue Knight

There's a place just across the woods,
Where I steal away to ponder things,
And it is my secret hiding place,
When that olí peach tree switch sings.

Back in its prime a place of beauty,
But let go over the passing years,
I go here to lick my poor wounds,
Pretending I am lost and full of fears.

I blow smoke through madness,
I am just a fuming little rebel gal,
Why do I get into so much trouble,
It just follows me to every locale.

In the house I am too noisy,
Teasing my siblings until they scream,
I am just having a little fun,
Oh a peaceful day would be a dream.

In the yard I am being scolded,
Stop throwing rocks at the house,
That is how you broke the window,
My playing I quickly douse.

Out in the field pulling weeds,
There are dirt clods calling to me,
Daddy stood at the wrong time,
There goes another day pain free.

Trouble seems to follow me around,
When Mother sends me to gather the eggs,
To some it must be really funny,
When that switch comes in contact my legs.

I am only defending myself,
From that mean rooster so red,
He'd rather pick on me than eat,
That kick changed his tune to dread.

It sure was not funny to Mother,
Daddy did not find it very amusing,
But rebel or not this feisty gal,
Ainít gone take anymore rooster bruising.

So you see my hide away,
It is a favorite place to me,
Trouble can't find me down here,
And this is where I will surely be.

I need to learn how to stay out of trouble,
Age has not changed some inborn things,
But now when I lapse into mischievousness,
There is no peach tree switch to sing.

Gayle Davis©
11 May 2007




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Music: "Waltzing Matilda"
Diversi-Tuneô Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission