~ An Hour With You~

I know the depth of your love for me
And I never want to take advantage of it
You don't have to buy me expensive gifts
With me, you'll always be a hit

I know sometimes, I'm insecure
But your love shines through so well
You never have to prove anything to me
The depth of your love, I can tell

You are more of a man than I ever expected
I know you were heaven sent
When God gives, it's the very best
In my heart, you've really made a dent

I love you my Darling, and I always will
Our vows said, "For Better or Worse"
Your touch and nearness is all I need
And the ability for us to converse

Never change, always be the man that you are
You're more man than I'll ever need
But I'll never take advantage of it
Because in my heart, you've made a hit

Your faithfulness and honesty are a plus
You are more than any woman could ask for
And I am so proud to know you are mine
Not just for today, but the remainder of our time.

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ
Title Revision





"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"

Used With Permission

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