~ An Hour With You~

Things right now are quiet
and everything is calm
just thinking 'bout you honey
while gazing at the stars

Each day I take your picture
look straight into your eyes
'n smile in recollection
when you became my bride

Ya know, its kinda funny
thoughts tiptoe cross my mind
ballet through the conscience
pausing, time to time

Remem'bring as a young boy
how much I loved the sand
but, never once imagining
I'd fight on desert lands

My friends 'n I would giggle
while playing, having fun
had not a care, 'nor worry
when each day was done

The desert with its shifting sands
sting, cause teary eyes
so in a way I'm thankful
comrades can't see me cry

My heart is really hurting
why can't this turmoil end?
I Pray for peace 'n harmony
that differences will mend

Looking back, reflecting
on times that I could smile
trying hard to grasp them
been absent for awhile

Gosh I really miss you
the comfort of our home
brothers right beside me
yet, I feel alone

The bloodshed never ending
with sands a flowing red
numbers keep on rising
for all of those now dead

Instead of playing soldiers
like in the days of yore
this fight is real, uncertain
everyday, more gore

I hear the cries of children
their faces looking sad
thankful for my childhood
the happiness I had

Now happy spirit vacant
replaced with dread and fear
stopping now, reflecting
back to yesteryears

Imagination leapfrogs
makes me miss you so
wishing I could kiss you
cuddle nice 'n close

How is Dad? my Mother?
gosh, I miss them too
our nights of conversation
dancing 'neath the moon

Can't wait to see the baby
and you my loving wife
soon we'll be together
build us a new life

Funny how the yesteryears
'n morrows still unknown
make me think, remember
wishing I were home

Well guess I should get going
as morning's drawing near
I love you, now forever
sealed with a lonely tear


2007 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)

Let us remember those who serve
to keep our country free and let us not
forget those who gave their lives in doing so.




Music: "Cruel War"

Midi Sounds From 1st Bn 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div
Used With Permission

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