~ An Hour With You~


Do You Remember This?

Take a "Sentimental Journey" to the past,
Distant and recent for memories that last
Of music and characters you recall...
Fads and styles of fondest memories for us all.

The singing cowboy you may recall
Composed "Rudolph" the most famous reindeer of all.
Remember when "All I Want For Christmas" is my two front teeth
As you put yours in a glass.
Who was the Texas Trubador and the country lass
Greeting "Howdee!!: with a big grin
As she welcomed wonderful characters in...
Kawlija, Coal Miner's Daughter, King of Rock and Roll,
The Rat Pack and Old Blue Eyes
And heard "The Eagle has landed!" as it was told.

The president who said "The buck stops here."
And another who promised a "Square Deal"
And "A Chicken in every pot."
Did you collect "I like Ike" buttons? Who was Camelot?
Stocking food for the Millenium scare
Which came so quietly we hardly knew it was there.
The horror of 9/11 and "Remember the Alamo"
While "Happy Days Are Here Again' we know.

"How Much Is That Doggie in the Window"
And what is behind "The Green Door"
Won't you "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree"
Until "Johnny Comes Marching Home."
Our "Young Love" was plagued by "Your Cheating Heart"
But "Everything is Beautiful" down in"Dixie."

I won't be "Leaving On A Jet Plane" but I ask
"Take Me Home Country Roads"
So I can " Kiss An Angel Good Morning."
I don't promise You a "Rose Garden"
But will bring you "Sweet Violets and love you "Tenderly"
"When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver."

"These Boots: will keep on walking
As I ask for a penny for my loafers
But put on saddle oxfords and bobby socks for the sock hop.
Couldn't dance in platform shoes and wedgies
And kept losing my flip flop
But danced fine in my high hill pumps.
Don't step on my "Blue Suede Shoes."
My man traded his wing tips for boots for the line dance
And later traded the boots for Niki shoes to break dance.
Dancing the waltz, the square dance and hokey pokey and getting a hug
Dancing the bunny hop, the twist and the jitterbug.

Had some hair raising tales about pig tails
Page boys, pony tails, duck tails and rat tails.
Long hair of dred locks, French twist and beehive standing tall
Then the spike and the buzz cut until eventually hardly any hair at all.

We wore jewels around our neck
Lockets, choker pearls, pop beads, twist beads
And add a bead to a gold chain and chains of silver and gold
Ear bobs and ear rings to clip gave way to piercing in the ear lobe
As well as studs in the lip and nose.
Mood ring, birthstones and class ring our fingers did bedeck
But most precious the promise, engagement and wedding ring
With jewels and diamonds set in gold.

Whew, folks this journey has tired me out.
"I'm heading for the wagon 'cause these shoes are killing me!"
Besides that, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
And I'm plum " Crazy" saying goodbyes
But "I Will Survive."
Let's do some porch settin' with "The Old Folks At Home"
For I have gone "The Last Mile of the Way."

ŠJane Ward Smith
January 4, 2006

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Music: "Memories Are Made Of This"

Used With Permission

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