~ An Hour With You~

Howdy Neighbor, come join me,
Settle yourself for a spell,
Take time to relax and rest,
You will find it serves you well.

Have a glass of cool spring water,
Or maybe sweet iced tea,
There is shortbread and fresh baked rolls,
Won't you share some with me?

How is the new baby doing?
Yer crops growing since the rain?
Help is hard to find now a days,
Hard work young’uns sure disdain.

The heat seems worse today,
Hardly a breeze is felt blowing,
Shirt stays wet from sweating,
It's getting late I must be going.

Appreciate the bread and glass of tea,
It was a tasty lot,
Nothing like a friendly afternoon chat,
It really hit the spot.

I almost forgot to tell you,
There's fun in the planning,
We have gathered up a crowd,
We need some grandstanding.

Come Saturday morning early,
There's a big peanut shelling planned,
Bring the family and prepare to stay,
Square dancing later, you understand.

I remember the last time,
We were all gathered 'round the floor,
Old man Tom and Miss Nellie,
Danced right out the barn door.

The fiddlers started laughing,
The kids were rolling in glee,
All us grown-ups just followed,
We had quiet a jamboree.

Well I best be moseying along,
Many chores still have to be done,
Cows to milk and pigs have to be slopped,
Not long 'till setting of the sun.

Seems like the days are getting longer,
And the work harder each passing day,
The rain sure was a welcomed surprise,
Will be the subject come Saturday.

It would not be a bad idea,
If your litle woman could bake,
A few loaves of that tasty bread,
And her shortbread cookies are great.

It would go over real good,
With that hickory smoked pit bar-be-que,
I can see the lines forming,
I'll race you to be first in line too.

Well neighbor, it has been nice,
To chew the fat for a while,
I’ll see ya'll Saturday morn,
Bring your hat and wear a smile.

Gayle Davis©
25 March 2007



Music: "Goober Shuffle"

Composed And Performed By
Herbert Harari©
Used With Permission

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